A Moment of Rest

Regi Popelier
The Arctic and especially Svalbard capture the imagination of many people. With its highly endangered polar bears in particular among many other animals in their breathtaking landscape, the dream of many photographers. In April 2016, I joined an expedition to the North Pole. During this period daylight is present for 24 hours, so I didn’t get much sleep. The main goal was to find and photograph polar bears in their natural habitat, preferably on pack ice. But much depends on the ice conditions. In some years the ice lies just outside the northern tip of Svalbard, while in other years it can be found further north. With a zodiac surfing on the waves while strolling along the huge icebergs, this polar bear was apparently looking at us amused, while we tried to hold ourselves in the wobbling zodiac in order to take good pictures.
Try it!

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