Regi Popelier
It is a must to be on the road before the sunrise to look for animals that are doing their activity before the sun takes its toll and forces the animals to rest. Plus, those minutes before dawn are a magical time for photography. Many of the interesting images are created on the edge of what you think is possible. This photo of giraffes on the plains of Olare Orok was taken as the last remnants of light disappeared from the sky. I pushed my ISO to 5000 to allow me to keep shooting, intrigued by the increasingly gray hue of the clouds, and figured an image with a little bit of noise (a high ISO artifact) was better than no image. As long as there’s light one can take pictures, so don’t be afraid to push your settings – and your ISO – beyond your normal comfort levels to see what happens. You will be pleasantly surprised with the results.
Try it!

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