Regi Popelier
As a nature and wildlife photographer I spend a lot of time in the most beautiful and unspoilt pieces of nature, where animal life and its environment are still intact. Many of these wildlife that I photograph require water as part of their daily activities. On arrival in Zambia my guide told me that there was an anthrax outbreak and many animals had already died, a group of lions also contracted the virus and was under treatment. The lions were so weakened that they could no longer kill prey on their own and had to content themselves with carcasses of dead animals scattered here and there. On one of our trips we came to a small pool where a hippo had been in the water for some time and was already decomposing, not a pretty sight not to mention the stench. Several of the young lions had gathered around the pool and had to re-enter the water again and again to reach the maggot-strewn carcass and feed.
Try it!

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