Regi Popelier
Far in the southernmost tip of Africa lies a fascinating, beautiful and truly bizarre place. The pearl of the south, vast and magical Namibia. Namibia, abstract with an almost otherworldly landscape shaped by the forces of nature, is a vast country with a wide variety of landscapes that offer a mind-boggling potential of photographic opportunities. Huge red dunes towering 300 meters above the earth in the world’s oldest desert, petrified trees rising like black skeletons left over from another era centuries ago and a wide variety of wildlife to be seen both from the ground and from the air. Deadvlei is a clay pan near the settlement of Sesriem, in central Namibia. The pan itself is at the end of the Tsauchab River which more or less disappears into the sand dunes in its fruitless attempt to reach the Atlantic Ocean. It was formed after rainfall, when the river overflowed, creating temporary shallow pools (‘vlei’ = swamp).
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