Mother's Care

Regi Popelier
During many visits to Kenya and other African countries I had never been fortunate enough to see a lioness transfer her baby from one safe den to another. In the autumn of 2021 I received a message from my guide on site that there were several lionesses with cubs in the mara and it might be interesting to follow the lionesses for a long period of time, especially since there were few or nearly no tourists in the mara due to the covid rules. We stayed near the Black Rock area where several lionesses with cubs were, hoping that one of the lionesses would take her cubs to another place. The first week we saw several lionesses from the same group, walking outside with their youngsters where they played with each other, but carrying them did not happen. By the morning of Day 11, some of the lionesses had descended with their youngsters from the rocks and found themselves in an open field half hidden by the tall dry grasses.
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