Flow State

Mark W Strother
Acrylic Paint
Original Artwork by renowned Australian Artist Mark Strother. Canvas size approximately 40cm x 50cm Mark says 'I felt inspired to brush some paint on a canvas. I was thinking back to when I was a surfing at Jan Juc about 30 years ago. There was this perfect sandbar that had formed at a place the locals called 'Bensmull'. It was a perfect sunny day not a cloud in the sky. The swell was only about 2 or three feet but straight and breaking perfect with an offshore breeze. There was only three guys out. Myself, Greg Brown of Gash surfboards and Mark Phipps. It was so much fun, and my surfing ability grew by 100% , as I caught wave after wave. When I first heard the term ‘flow state’ I realised that I was in one that day. Word soon got around at how good the bank was, and for the next few weeks that spot got really crowded. I had the joy of having more than enough waves, before the crowds came and it ranks as one of my fondest memories of that part of my life.'
$ 750.00
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