Simon and Garfunkel

Victoria Coleman
I just love the angle and composition of these two dachshunds, we are looking at them from their eye level as if peeking out from under a table hence the gold edges. It makes me laugh becuase often when I look at my dogs they are all focused on different things, one looking up, one looking down, the other digging a hole. So I've named this piece Simon and Garfunkel because they remind me of a cover from a record album perhaps made in the 70's. This is a large statement artwork painted on a 24x31.6 inch stretched canvas with acrylic paint and finished with satin varnish. The edges are goild foil flakes which have been tarnished creating a rich mottled patina pattern. Simon and Garfunkel are ready to hang. For overseas shipping please contact me for price.
Try it!

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