Mother Mycelium - Heart Chakra Energy

Alanda Calmus
Original painting of long-eared owl, cobra snake, mushrooms, funghi and mycelium Acrylic mixed-media on paper Image Size 53x57cm External Mount Size 70x75cm Energy channelled through the Heart Chakra Themes: Interconnection, Rebirth, Fertility, Compassion, Protection, Hidden Potential, Creative Expression, Wisdom, Insight, Good Fortune, Inspiration. Clarity and focus. Being connected to a vast and intricate network which provides all the information and encouragement you need to progress. Using innate wisdom and intuition to instinctively know which are the most fruitful opportunities to explore, striking swiftly when these opportunities are revealed and then nurturing them to encourage growth. Theban Script reads “ I am one with my higher nature and I have infinite creative power” Artist’s note: I feel a huge amount of creative energy in this one, almost as if it is a Muse for creativity in general, whether that be creating and nurturing life as a parent, a gardener, a business owner, a writer, singer, artist, maker or any creative process. This is the energy of receiving inspiration, then bringing that thought or intention into the world and encouraging its heal
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