'Catching the Current' Batfish

Elizabeth Sadler
These serene Batfish are gliding through a sublime ocean. This is an uncluttered oil canvas of primarily cool colours and tones creating a sense of calm and synchronicity below the waves. I have embellished the flanks of the fish with touches of gold acrylic. Painted using alla prima technique with a combination of brush and palette knife. Oil Painting size; 24 x 18 inches Painted using Winsor & Newton professional Oil Paints. The 100% pure cotton stretched canvas has been gesso primed and the painting lightly varnished with Winsor & Newton Picture Varnish. The sides are painted blue and the work can be hung unframed. Picture hanging fittings are in place. Certificate of Authenticity signed by myself accompanies each original. Painting is carefully packed and dispatched promptly on notice of the order.
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