Abstract Synapses - Dance Of The Bumble Bee #5

Lucy Moore
£425 Abstract Synapses - Dance Of The Bumble Bee #5 Using a limited palette of yellows, black, White and gold Having successfully sold small abstracts in my favourite abstract style, I wanted to challenge myself and try working on a larger scale. This piece turned out better than I imagined. It takes a lot of patience to paint in this style mixing the paint just enough so it doesn't muddy. What I love the most about this style of painting is each one is completely unique and cannot be replicated My abstract interpretation of electrical impulses. looking close at my painting I can see all the tiny lines connecting the paint to each other, like a neuron cell transmitting nerve impulses. I am very happy with the outcome of this Pollock style piece. I love how the paint twists around each other creating intricate patterns I layered the acrylics to create a lovely texture Acrylic painting, Canvas ·One of a kind artwork 60 x 60 cm x 1.5 cm Edges Painted White Please note that all over pay
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