The Waves of Antelope Canyon

Alex Cassels
£132.50 From a series of images from Antelope Canyon, the highlight of a road trip to Arizona and Utah and the strange and fascinating rock formations of the Colorado Plateau. The eroded sandstone rocks with their delicate textures are created by sediments caught up in flash floods which then scour and sculpt the soft rocks into abstract shapes and patterns. Afternoon sunlight filtering down through the slot canyon reflects off the walls creating warm tones enhances the experience, creating different colours and mood as each minute passes. Different times of the year and the angle of the sun above affects the strength of the various tones, the late October afternoon sunlight for me created a more subtle blend of colours. Printed by Kernow Fine Art in Cornwall, each print comes with a certificate of authenticity, signed and numbered on the front together with the image title. ***frame not included***
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