A Sudden Appearance of Hope

Gill Bustamante
£1,900.00 A Sudden Appearance of Hope is a large wide oil painting of a red deer stag and a doe in an abstract forest. It is 30x60x1.5 inches. The background is experimental and made a lovely abstract, just as it was, with its warm rainbow colours and tinges of gold but the aim of the painting was to pay homage to the deer as they are very beautiful animals and I enjoy painting them. The painting style is contemporary and a little art nouveau and was made by building up layers of colours and glazes which gives it the appearance of stained glass and tends to change colour as the sun moves around the room it is in. It is called hope because that is how I always feel when I spot deer. They make me happy and I like to believe they are not quite of this world and really are spirit guides (I am allowed to say that under the artistic license rule). Painted on deep edge canvas, red purple to match the painting itself, ready to hang, no frame needed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fUIK0wAwby8
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