Caramel Dunes

Paresh Nrshinga
£750 Original abstract painting Acrylic on canvas Landscape abstract art that can be hung either vertically or horisontaly to your liking Red, gold, crimson, white, brown and black paint Abstract Spectrum Geometric art Abstract painting Comes with certificate of authenticity About my art: The world we live in is made of colour. Colour is what creates beauty, energy. It evokes emotion, it involves feelings. I have always been fascinated with colour and shape. Combining two together, you have unlimited possibilities of creating art. But creating art, or painting in my case, goes deeper than putting two of them together. It starts with emotion or feeling and then it “spills out” on canvas. Some of my paintings are impulse paintings where inner emotion takes over and guides my paint brush, whereas others are journeys, that surprise even myself. Through my paintings I try to express the way I see the world and connect with viewer on emotional level, hoping to capture the moment on canvas
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