Ordeal to Reach the Rest Rooms

Fernando Paramio
The species of the animal shown in the artwork is the quokka. It is an endemic animal that lives on the beautiful “Rottnest Island” (Australia), which received that name because it was thought to be infested by rodents of significant size when Dutch sailors discovered it. In reality, the quokka is more related to a kangaroo than to a rat, they are marsupials, not rodents, and very friendly creatures. This piece represents a situation that would quite certainly give the woman who has just entered the scene a good fright. Notice the Fibonacci arrangement of the elements, starting from the woman leg, the quokka and then the leaves in the steps, followed by the leaves on the floor, the quokka inside the bronze container and the light shapes on the right wall. In fact, I could not contain myself and I have included the beginning of the Fibonacci spiral, replacing the picture on the top of the steps, to help the viewer find it.
Try it!

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