Love is Love; HRC Gala

Topher Goode
Acrylic Paint
An iteration of my original work 'Love is Love', this special edition was created specifically for the Atlanta Human Rights Campaign Gala 2022. I hope the new owner loves it and that it helps raise money and awareness for Equality. In his groundbreaking and moving speech at the 2016 Tony Awards, Lin-Manuel Miranda spoke about the tragic massacre at the gay nightclub Pulse in Florida. One of his many points being that Love sees all color. Love sees all difference. True love as it happens is not blind. On the contrary, true love sees all things as they are and loves because of those differences, because of those attributes. True love is all-inclusive, it leaves no one behind. From the bottom of my heart, this piece is a tribute to all those who have been hurt, killed, suffered, felt shame, bigotry, fear, and the sting of injustice just because of some invented difference. I live by a simple divinely inspired code. "Love everyone. All the time. No matter what."
$ 10000.00
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