Topher Goode
Acrylic Paint
Is there such a thing as truth, and if so, how would we define it and how would we know it? Truth and perception seem to be inexorably linked. Your experience of truth appears to be more grounded in what you believe than in the concrete actuality of a thing. In fact, lets us use concrete itself as an example. A few truths about concrete are that it is both hard and heavy. If someone drops a chunk of it on your head, then at best it is going to hurt. So that appears to be one "truth." Yet at a molecular level, the concrete which is in fact mostly space between vibrating atoms never touches your head which is also made up of similar vibrating atoms. If we were able to perceive the atomic universe with the naked eye, what we would perceive is that we are floating in an endless ocean of vibrating particles. When meditating, we understand that we are at once the observer and the observed. We are the interpretation of perception, the perception, and the ability to perceive. The very nature
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