Anne Palles

Steve Munro
On the 4th of April 1693, Anne was the last person officially executed for witchcraft in Denmark: Beheaded, remains burned to ashes. As was usual at the time, Anne - over 70 when she was executed - was accused by another under torture. The NFT has SOUND, please unmute the preview This piece was created first by instructing AI to create a new image after several other images were fed into the intelligence. After that, deep machine learning was used to give 3 dimensions to the 2d image; a moving head model was used to create the AI animated image. The voice was generated by neural text-to-speech engines with instructions to use a Scandinavian female speaking in English. I then edited the whole piece adding Foley and music to the sound mix. To be clear, the literal subject in this video has never existed; Anne Palles, however, did; and this video aims to give a voice, a face, and mannerisms to one brutally executed by unjust means. My original portraits:
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