Christence Kruckow

Steve Munro
A noblewoman, she escaped the horror of being burnt alive and was beheaded. Christence is one of the most well known victims of the witch hunt in Denmark, and one of few members of the nobility to have been executed for sorcery in Scandinavia. This NFT has SOUND, please unmute the preview. This piece was created first by instructing AI to create a new image after several other images were fed into the intelligence. After that, deep machine learning was used to give 3 dimensions to the 2d image; a moving head model was used to create the AI animated image. The voice was generated by neural text-to-speech engines with instructions to use a Scandinavian female speaking in English. I then edited the whole piece adding Foley and music to the sound mix. To be clear, the literal subject in this video has never existed; Christence Kruckow, however, did; and this video aims to give a voice, a face, and mannerisms to one brutally executed by unjust means.
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