Van Campen's Glen Falls – Panoramic – Canvas Wrap

Rocco Chiara
In early morning light, I approached this unique waterfall at Van Campen’s Glen in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area and looked for the best place to setup my tripod. With my large camera bag filled with 4x5 film holders and other gear, I decided that I could hop across a few well placed rocks to get to the center of the stream. While balancing myself on two very small rocks, I submerged half of my tripod down into the stream and began setting up the 4x5 camera, composing, checking focus and carefully loading a film holder. I nearly fell into the water a few times, but managed to balance myself. The long exposure allowed the water to blur by, while leaving the rest of the scene in sharp focus. I am excited to present this photograph because it is a very unique location, and when printed large it pulls you into this calming scene.
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