Anna Göldi

Steve Munro
Anna Göldi (also Anna Göldin or Anna Goeldin, 24 October 1734 – 13 June 1782) was an 18th-century Swiss woman who was one of the last persons to be executed in Europe for witchcraft. Anna, who was executed by decapitation, has been called the "last witch" in Switzerland On 9 February 1782, Göldi was arrested and, under torture, admitted to entering into a pact with the Devil who had appeared to her as a black dog. She withdrew her confession after the torture ended, but was sentenced to execution by decapitation Anna was officially charged with "poisoning" rather than witchcraft even though contemporary law did not impose the death penalty for non-lethal poisoning The sentence was described at the time by historian August Ludwig von Schlözer as "judicial murder" (the murder of an innocent, deliberately, and with all the pomp of holy Justice) and on 20 September 2007, the Swiss parliament decided to acknowledge Anna Göldi's case as a miscarriage of justice. Fritz Schiesser, as the repre
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