The Freshwater Five

Steve Munro
Oil Paint
The Freshwater Five – In a continuing series of an ongoing relationship with the ordinary and everyday, I have reached out to others for them to share with me the things that form their everyday. These are the things that they might reach for in different times of the day yet do so automatically, without much thought. For example, ‘Maldon Sea Salt’ goes on pretty much everything I eat which, when given further analysis, acts in some way as my maintained and physical connection to Europe – the salt from the sea is an essential part of my physicality. ‘The Freshwater Five – this is a slight change on the second series and is focussed on a probable miscarriage of justice and how the ordinary and everyday of four fishermen and their friend, from the Isle of Wight, were accused and convicted of conspiracy to import cocaine worth £53m in May 2010. The five men were sentenced to a total of 104 years for what some people are saying is excessive for the supposed role of “just being couriers”.
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