Our mate Marmite

Steve Munro
Acrylic Paint
Our Mate Marmite – In the first series of an ongoing relationship with the ordinary and everyday objects in our shared or isolated lives, I’m encouraging interaction with some of the objects that define me as an individual. These are the things that I might reach for in different times of my day yet do so automatically, without much thought. For example, ‘Maldon Sea Salt’ goes on pretty much everything I eat which, when given further analysis, acts in some way as my maintained and physical connection to Europe – the salt from the sea is an essential part of my physicality. ‘Our Mate Marmite’ – due to a dietary choice in the UK some years ago I had to grow to love Marmite. It wasn’t easy. Now though it does remind me of that time and so forms a focus for memory. And, like memories, I don’t need to access it ‘everyday’ as the series suggests but instead about once a month. On hot toast. With lots, and lots, of butter.
$ 720.00
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