Morning Marigold – Acrylic/Metal

Rocco Chiara
I have been fascinated by the natural world since I was a kid, especially in macro. I will never forget the first time I discovered the macro mode on my mom's camera. It opened up a whole new world of discovery. That is why I love photographing in macro, it never gets old and there is always something new to discover right in your backyard. I grew these marigolds from seed, along with my garden vegetables and really enjoyed their vibrant color varieties. They surrounded the garden to encourage pollination and grew to become the largest marigold plants I have ever seen! I made this photograph in the early morning just as the light was coming up to illuminate the dew on the flower pedals. I chose color film because it does a great job of rendering the colors true to life and gives the subject a very warm and inviting feel. After having the film developed, I wet scanned the film negative and prepared the file for printing.
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