Bridal Veil Falls – Acrylic/Metal

Rocco Chiara
Bushkill Falls, Pennsylvania has such a dynamic set of waterfalls both large and small. Bridal Veil Falls is one of my favorites. I got up as close as I could with a wide angle lens. It was intense as the sound of the rushing water was almost deafening and the spray from the falls was beginning to coat my lens within seconds. To add to it, a storm was rolling in overhead so I knew that I had to make the exposure quickly and move on. After I developed the film and finally looked at the scanned negative, it really represented how I felt making the photograph. I was in awe and somewhat afraid as I stood beneath the falls with the roaring sound of the water all around me. I think that black and white film captured that experience with a certain elegance, power and beauty. Photographing the falls with a long exposure shows every ledge as the water comes down the rock face. This is something that you cannot see without the use of a camera.
Try it!

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