Geometric Redux Study after Tarsila's Abaporu

Andre Brik
After some studies of geometric reduction of works and artists I admire, the Abaporu by the Brazilian female painter Tarsila do Amaral could not be left out. The original work was conceived to represent an inhuman character with a tiny head without features and with a disproportionate physique. To some critics, Tarsila was criticizing the lack of access to education for the majority of the country's population. In my interpretation, I tried to exaggerate this contrast even further by taking off the head of the body, showing that they do not belong to the same being. The process of execution of the work is the same as previously explained: observation of geometric forms and coincidences, color scheme, light, and shadow. Then the artwork is deconstructed in primary colors and basic shapes and rebuilt in transparent layers of vector velatures within my style.
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