Meet the Artist Dianne Job

Dianne Job
Extract from Andy Jacob commentary of 'The Art of Dianne Job' On first seeing Dianne’s work at her home, I was baffled at how an artist who had hardly ventured out into the world of art was making work reminiscent of the great artists of the early 20th century whose collective efforts had given birth to abstraction, non-objective painting and early surrealism. Here were the childlike ... markings of Paul Klee, the vigorous gesture of Wassily Kandinsky, the spiritual sparseness of Kazimir Malevich...I was surprised frankly, that, in a local [Caribbean] artistic environment where romanticized nature painting, slickly painted natives and sanitized nostalgia was dominant, an emerging artist was able to turn her back on commercial tastes to ... making work that was almost totally abstract. Not semi-abstract flowers or safe décor-friendly colour harmonies, but abstraction that revealed an adventurous exploration of shape... harmonious colour and a headstrong commitment to originality.
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