Migaloo and Orca

Stephanie Fuller
In this painting the orca represents danger. Migaloo senses the danger and gets out of the way. I am an artist who lives on the English coast. But, when I lived on the south coast of New South Wales, Australia, I would walk my dog on the beach most days after lunch. I saw so many whales in 2013 year, I thought it was about time I painted them. While doing my research online about humpback whales I came across something really inspiring. On 28th June 1991, an all-white whale was photographed passing Byron Bay, Australia's most easterly point. Named Migaloo by the indigenous community in Queensland ("White Fella"), at the time the whale was the only documented all-white humpback whale in the world. For me Migaloo is symbolic of the vulnerability of the humpback population. This series of paintings focused on Migaloo, tells the story of his journey up and down the coast. Orca's feed on the newborn calves, preferring to eat just the tongue, each season as the pods travel south.
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