Artist in a Red Dress

Stephanie Fuller
Self assessment is always a difficult process. How to be honest while still portraying who you are to an audience. When I started this self portrait something bad happened in my life, on top of the current pandemic and isolation, it made me very sad. So in the early stages of the painting my portrait looked sad. Lots of friends and family commented with concern on social media. I didn't want the portrait, which will last for centuries, to reflect me in a moment of unhappiness. I'm generally a jolly upbeat person who generates positive vibes in the world. I had to do a lot of reflecting to work out who I wanted to be for eternity. Once I admitted to myself that I am an artist, I don't have to look 59 in my self portrait. Then the painting became interesting. The Artist in a Red Dress took on a life of her own. Now she's performing for her audience. Looking them straight in the eye and showing them what she can do. The artist is settled in her studio, you see her working world.
Try it!

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