White Cliffs of Dover Wildflowers

Stephanie Fuller
While hiking up the white cliffs at Kingsdown Leas I came across this beautiful white house and wonderful wildflowers. I loved this house when I first saw it, with it's white walls and bright green roof. It's easy to let you mind wander and imagine all the people in the different rooms of the house looking out over the cliffs to the view of France across the channel. I wonder what the bay room at the front is used for or the modern extension with the large windows to the left. And what about that building on the right. Could that be an artist's studio! To me this looks like the sort of house you would find in a novel. There seemed to be something particularly awesome about the scene. I felt amazing as though the air had a magical spell over me and I could breath in this beauty. Naturally I wanted to paint the scene and the feeling.
Try it!

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